Official Roles, Terms of Service and Biographies

The 校董会 consists of seven members, elected at large in the community college district on a nonpartisan basis for staggered terms of six years. The election is held the first Tuesday in November in even-numbered years. The term of office is from Jan. 1至12月. 31. Any qualified elector residing within the community college district is eligible to be chosen as a board member. Each member of the 校董会 has the duty to attend the board meetings, both regular and special; to perform special responsibilities as authorized by the board and recommended by the president or chairperson, to support the best interests of the College; and to faithfully represent the district in all matters before the public.


约翰米. 克里斯特




希拉一. 帕特森



马修·R. 亨氏



Philip E. 霍夫曼


唐娜L. 湖


克里斯托弗·一个. 辛普森


受托人 Teshna托马斯




The officers of the board consist of a chairperson and a vice chairperson (who shall be members of the board). The officers shall be elected by the 校董会 for two-year terms, selected on the odd years. A majority of four members of the 校董会 is a quorum. No act is valid unless voted on at a meeting of the board by a majority vote of the members of the board and a proper record made of the same. The 校董会 shall conduct its meetings and business in conformance with Act No. 267, State of Michigan Public Acts of 1976, the Open 会议 Act.

Note: The dates under each trustee image represents (first year in office/year current term concludes).


董事会成员 学期开始 学期结束
Teshna托马斯 2023 当前的
克里斯托弗·一个. 辛普森 2022 当前的
唐娜湖 2012 当前的
马修·R. 亨氏 2009 当前的
希拉一. 帕特森 2008 当前的
约翰米. 克里斯特 2007 当前的
Philip E. 霍夫曼 2005 当前的
塞缪尔·R. 巴恩斯 2009 2023
迈克尔·伯吉斯 2002 2004
克里斯蒂娜L. 枸杞 2001 2012
爱德华Mathein 1999 2022
罗德里克里格斯 1999 2002
丹尼斯DaPra 1998 2008
威廉宝贝 1997 2008
格鲁吉亚Fojtasek 1995 2000
查尔斯•安德森 1995 2008
约翰。范德普尔 1991 1997
杰奎琳Dulworth 1989 1995
罗伯特·约翰逊 1985 1994
马克·罗森菲尔德 1982 1996
洛伊斯·富兰克林 1979 1990
约翰塞尔比 1978 1984
信仰J. 贾斯汀 1978 1978
E. 院长爱德华 1978 1982
贝齐·多兰 1977 1988
维克多Cuiss 1974 1998
休·D.  费德勒 1973 1978
马文Raguse 1973 1978
J.C. 德雷克 1973 1978
查尔斯·阿. 康拉德 1969 1974
迈克尔·J. 鲍曼 1969 1998
 休·D.  费德勒 1966 1978
埃尔温T. Ruffner 1965 1972
贾斯汀R. 怀廷 1962 1965
伯特H. 沃克 1962 1968
乔治·E. 波特 1962 2006
路易斯·H. 莱格 1962 1972
詹姆斯P. 格雷厄姆 1962 1968
露丝米. 一天 1962 1976