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罗伯特·斯奈德餐厅是婚宴的绝佳场所, banquets and other special events. Most events range from 200 to 275 individuals. The maximum capacity is 360. 这为跳舞和乐队或DJ留出了空间. 全球网络赌博平台露台可额外付费预订. 餐饮要求必须通过纪念活动,我们的校园餐饮服务.


  • Potter Center Rental Information


    杰克逊县(Jackson County)居民使用斯奈德公共餐厅(Snyder Dining Commons)(一个5小时的接待处)的费用是750美元. Non-residents pay $850. A security guard will be hired at $100.00美元(5小时),在提供酒精饮料或参加高中毕业舞会时. An additional $150/hr. will be charged after the initial five hours. There is a stipulation on the length of the event; the times must be finalized no later than 3 days before the event and guests must leave by 1:00AM. 学院要求您在预订房间时支付总费用的50%作为押金. The balance is due one week prior to the event.

    Potter Center Patio

    全球网络赌博平台天井(Potter Center Patio)可以额外支付200美元预订. 如果没有预留露台,酒精饮料必须留在用餐区. 为此将张贴标志,保安将执行此规则.

    Food Service

    餐饮服务安排必须通过校内餐饮服务中心进行, Memorable Events Catering. 他们提供一整套菜单,从开胃小菜到自助餐再到正餐. Managers may be reached at 517.796.8407, to discuss your food requirements; menu available upon request.

    Alcoholic beverages

    私人聚会可以在学院提供酒精饮料,只要不要求客人支付饮料费用. 租客自己负责购买酒精饮料, 但酒吧的混音必须通过难忘事件购买. 可以聘请外部调酒服务,也可以由学院推荐. A security guard will be hired at $100.00 when alcohol is served or for high school proms.


    Most receptions range from 200 – 275 individuals. 这为跳舞和乐队或DJ留出了空间.


    如果你提供的是酒精饮料,那么在接待你的整个过程中都会有保安在. The costs are detailed above.


    聘请的装饰师需要与学院密切合作. 装饰仅限于桌子和/或独立的装饰.

    Cancellation Policy

    50%的押金可在6个月内全额退还. 在此之后,只有当我们能够与其他客户填补日期时,才会发出退款.

    Liability Insurance

    学院不要求个人租用设施的责任保险, 但我们会鼓励你与你的房主的代理人检查关于你的个人责任和额外的费用覆盖的那一天.

  • Reserve the Potter Center for your event

    预定全球网络赌博平台的斯奈德公共餐厅可以拨打电话 Office of Community Relations & Performing Arts at 517.796.8473. While certain months are popular and book quickly, others don’t, so please call to check on availability.



全球网络赌博平台的纪念活动可以帮助你的招待会, reunion, business meeting or special event a success! 我们提供各种菜单选项,从开胃菜或糕点,坐下来晚餐或自助餐. With expanded options, local farm-to-table opportunities, and outstanding personal service, 难忘的事件承诺卓越的服务,并有机会个性化您的菜单的每一步! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, small or large groups, casual or formal, 我们可以根据你的场合和预算来计划菜单.

难忘的事件也可以把聚会与餐饮服务在您的网站. 询问后院婚礼和其他户外活动的餐饮服务.